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    How can I buy my membership?

    First, you need to create a Yoga Room (formerly La Bulle Yoga) profile, either on our website or on our app.

    Then, there  are 3 ways to buy your membership:

    1. Via our app: Yoga Room (formerly La Bulle Yoga)
      1. Login to your profile
      2. Go to “Purchase” and select group classes
      3. Select the membership you want
      4. Follow the instructions to pay
    2. On our website: www.yoga-room.paris
      1. Login to your profile
      2. Go to the “Pricing” Tab
      3. Add the membership of your choice to your cart
      4. Follow the instructions to pay
    3. In one of our studios at the reception desk

    When does my membership start?

    Memberships activate on the day of the first visit (which may differ from the day of purchase). Make sure you book your ​classes in chronological order!

    When does my membership expire?

    You can view your membership details either:

    1. In the app: Login to your profile and tap on your Profile section
    2. On the website: Login to your profile and click on “Passes”

    Can I use my membership in all of your studios?

    Yes, all of our regular pricing options give you access to all of our studios, except for our pre-sales in case of opening of new studios.

    Can I suspend my membership?

    Suspensions of Unlimited Passes and Contracts can be requested once per calendar year, for min 2 weeks and max 6 weeks. Medical suspensions can be requested for up to 3 months with a doctor’s note.

    Suspension requests must be submitted at least 5 days before the start date of the suspension (max 14 days after the start date of the suspension for medical suspensions), by filling in the form on our website: https://www.yoga-room.paris/suspension/.

    We charge a 20€ administration fee per suspension.

    Suspensions are not available for Discovery Passes nor for 10-Class Passes or Back to the Mat Passes.


    Which payment methods do you accept?

    • Online/in-app payments: Visa and Mastercard
    • In studio payments:
      • Maestro/Bancontact
      • Visa/Mastercard
      • SEPA

    Is my payment data secured?

    Yes. at Yoga Room (formerly La Bulle Yoga), we use the MindBody software to process our payments and Mindbody is a PCI Compliant Level 1 Service Provider.

    MindBody is known to be the largest provider of cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry.

    Level I Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance means that Mindbody meets the credit card industry’s highest security standard, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

    Part of being compliant includes encrypting your credit card numbers and showing only partial credit card information in our software software.

    Mindbody also encrypts your billing information, backs it up daily, and securely stores it offsite. Each year, MindBody must go through a rigorous audit to ensure that they maintain those high standards.

    Can I get an invoice for the payment I made?

    All invoice requests need to be made through the dedicated form on our website: https://www.yoga-room.paris/invoice/

    My payment is refused, what could be the problem?

    There are several possibilities:
    Check that your payment method is accepted (see under “Which payment methods do you accept?”)
    If you try to pay with a credit card or SEPA, make sure to have sufficient funds on your account
    Check that you entered the card number and your name & address correctly

    Do you sell gift cards?

    Yes, we do! They are available for sale at any of our studios and you can pick up any amount you want.


    How can I book a class?

    1. Log on to your online account or via the app (Yoga Room – formerly La Bulle Yoga).
    2. Buy your pass or membership.
    3. Book your classes. It’s as simple as that!

    Can I cancel my class?

    Yes. In case you cannot make it to class, we kindly request you to  cancel your class maximum two hours ​prior to the class. If you don’t cancel in time, a “Late Cancel” record will be added to your Visit History. ​View our Late Cancellation Policy in our Terms & Conditions.

    What is a waiting list?

    Waiting lists are open from the moment the class registration is full and you can add your name to a waiting list from your app or our website. You will be added automatically from the waiting list to the class as spots get freed up.

    What happens if I’m on the waiting list? How do I know if I get a spot?

    When you have signed up on the waiting list for a class:
    The class will be highlighted in orange on the class schedule in your app
    A number will appear next to the class name when viewing your class schedule on the app. This number will indicate your position in the waiting list. Make sure to check it regularly ahead of the class.

    If you wish to have a live indication of whether you will get your spot, you can always directly call the studio.

    I cannot book my classes on my app, what could be the problem?

    There are several possibilities:

    • The bookings are opened 7 days before each class. You might be too early to book your class.
    • You have already booked a class under your new membership and decided to book a second class which takes place before the first class. As memberships activate upon the first visit, you will need to reset your membership start date. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!
    • The class is full and the waiting list is full.
    • Your membership has expired.
    • Your membership monthly payment has failed and our system automatically blocked your membership. Just drop us an e-mail at info@yoga-room.paris and we’ll contact you to sort things out.
    • Your class reservation functionality has been blocked according to our Cancellation Policy. View our Late Cancellation Policy in our Terms and Conditions


    Can I try a class for free?

    We do not offer free trial classes but as a new member, you can get unlimited access to the studio for 30 days by purchasing the Discovery Pass for 85€.

    If you know someone who has an active membership at Yoga Room (formerly La Bulle Yoga), that person can also give you a Guest Pass which grants you access to one free class. First, you need to create your Yoga Room (formerly La Bulle Yoga) account on our website/our app. Then, you just need to fill in the Bring a Friend form on our website under the Contact & More tab: https://www.yoga-room.paris/bring-a-friend/. NB: This offer is only available once and for people who are new to Yoga Room only.

    I am not flexible at all, is yoga something for me?

    If you are not flexible, yoga is definitely something for you! A consistent yoga practice allows you to build strength and flexibility. As we usually like to say: “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about how you feel on the way down”.

    In which language are classes taught?

    Most of our classes are given in English. Some of our classes are taught in French and this will be indicated on the schedule with “(FR)” next the the class name.

    What shall I bring to class?

    Yoga mats are provided at Yoga Room (formerly La BulleYoga) and there is a water fountain so you get free hot/cold water. All you need to bring is a comfortable outfit, a reusable water bottle and a towel if you want to shower after class. If you’re taking a hot class, you should also take an extra towel to put on the mat and make sure to drink at least 1L of water before class.

    Should I eat anything before class?

    We recommend you practice on an empty stomach if you can, or have your last meal 2-3 hours before class. Make sure to stay hydrated before class, especially if you are taking a hot yoga class.


    When are you open?

    Sudio Yoga Room – Bellecour (formerly La Bulle Yoga)

    Mon: 9.30-21.15

    Tue: 9.30-14.00 – 17.30-21.15

    Wed: 9.30-21.15

    Thu: 9.30-14.00 – 16.00-21.15

    Fri: 9.30-14.00 – 17.00-20.15

    Sat: 9.30-13.00

    Sun: 10.00-13.00 – 16.30-19.30